New Small Nuclear Weapons, "Bunker Busters," and Resuming Testing

Bill of 2003, HR 1588 Defense Appropriations for 2004
Excerpts regarding: Repeal of former 5-kiloton floor on nuclear weapon strength, reinvigorated testing plans, ban placed upon developing a small or earth-penetrating bomb pending future Congressional authorization.

Law and New Small Nuclear Weapons
Analysis published by the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy

New Small Nuclear Weapons
Analysis published by the National Resource Defense Council:

Article from the Center for Defense Information:

Article from Arms Control Today:

Resuming the Testing of Nuclear Weapons
Article from the Natural Resources Defense Council Article on the current interest in testing: (note recent legislation, see Defense Appropriations link above, passed that requires readiness to test within 18 months after a decision to test: this only slightly earlier article states that approval of this level of readiness was being sought)